Sun Kratom is an international Kratom vendor and appears to have their focus mostly on providing great customer service and good product.  They are based out of Hanoi, and have been in business for several years.

We chose to review this vendor because they are in the increasingly competitive Vietnam Kratom market and they provide international shipping. They’re attempting to provide therapeutic Kratom to the global market, which is a market that is solely lacking in players.
Their website is offered in a variety of languages and they accept various forms of payment, including crypto currencies for those who want to keep their transactions discrete.

Lets see how this new entrant stacks up:

Product Quality (5/5)

The smell and consistency of their powder is as good as I’ve seen.  Very fluffy, flour like powders, and smell exactly how you expect Kratom to smell, very earthy.  They have a reliable and reputable distributor, who avoids Chinese sourced products, by getting their Kratom direct from Pontianak Indonesia where it is natively grown. Reviews in a few of the message boards have been outstanding, various customers confirming my own experience that shipping is fast and customer service is very helpful.

Customer Service (5/5)

This is a point where Sun Kratom really shines. Reviews in a few forums talk about how their customers feel that the after sale service is excellent.  I contacted them via their contact form and asked a few personal questions about how deal with issues like stomach cramping and tolerance and they had excellent advice to offer. They’re responsiveness to emails was very fast. Due to their international focus, timezones can be tricky, but it seems they have somebody answering emails almost all the time.

Website (5/5)

Many of the vendors only have a facebook page for selling their products and they are lacking in both useful content and a good way to organize it.
Sun Kratom’s website is a treasure trove of information for new Kratom connoisseurs.  A great dosage guide as well as a introduction to the various strains, which is confusing to a lot of new users. Though all this information is available in various places on the web, including kratom blogs, wikipedia and social media, it’s great to have all that useful content on their site.

The website itself is functional, and efficient for fascilitating the purchase of kratom. With a clear interface, free of clutter, it’s quite easy and straightforward to make your purchase.

Product Price (4/5)

Sun Kratom does not have the cheapest prices for it’s Kratom. You can certainly find cheaper Kratom, if you look hard enough.  However, for the extra cost, you get great customer service with reliable shipping and support in a variety of languages. Their shipping prices are reasonable, with flat rate international shipping and everything ships within 24 hrs of receiving payment. They have discounts for making purchases using Bitcoin and other CryptoCurrencies and often have special discounts for repeat customers. They always have coupon codes, so if you’re a first time buyer, just contact them and they’ll surely provide you with a code.  With discounts and great shipping rates, they’re prices are definitely reasonable.

Community Support (5/5)

Sun Kratom is doing it’s part to spread the word about Kratom to the international community. They are using their multiple language focus to set them apart from most dealers.  Giving the global community an opportunity to get exposure to the therapeutic benefits of Kratom. Doing their part to spread awareness with guest blogging and making information available in parts of the world where the plant is virtually unknown.  If we want Kratom to stay legal and relevant, we need vendors like them to invest in spreading the word and helping others discover the healing power of Kratom.

Conclusion (95% A)

A Kratom vendor that is trying to spread the word to the rest of the world. Their global focus and high quality standards set them apart from the others. Early reports are showing that with a big focus on customer service and global outreach.
If you’re looking for an international Kratom vendor, or a local one in Vietnam, Sun Kratom is a great place to order from.