Looking to find a smoke shop near you?

If you’re running low on Kratom and wanting to obtain some quickly, then you need to find a Kratom store location near you. However, before you go running to the nearest head shop, have a listen to the Kratom Buddha…

Smoke Shop Kratom

At first, buying Kratom at a head shop makes sense.  It’s a shop that sells both Kratom and the accessories you need. Another benefit is that there is no waiting, you can can buy it the same day. Smoke shops have employees you can bounce questions off as well, so initially it seems like a good spot to get Kratom.  However,  there are inherent problems with buying Kratom at head shops:

  • Quality
    There is low accountability for local vendors and no viable place for the Kratom community to share experience with their products. There has a been a plethora of consumers in the forums who have discussed their poor experiences with head shop Kratom. Inconsistent quality and dubious sources seem to be the may complaint.
  • Price
    Without a doubt, the biggest drawback to buying Kratom at head shops is pricing. At nearly $1/gram, it’s typically 3-4 times the price found at online dealers.
  • Knowledge
    Kratom is still in it’s infancy, and most shop staff are not nearly knowledgable/experienced enough to give proper advice. Trust the plethora of information in the forums, not the kid at your local smoke shop.
  • Convenience
    Driving around looking for smoke shops near you that are open, is well… inconvenient and a waste of time.  Getting a shipment delivered to your place, is as convenient as it gets.

Staying Zen

There’s nothing less ‘Zen’ than stress. The focus of the Kratom Buddha is using Kratom to help us all find our Zen. Removing stress and worry from our daily lives is one of the larger components to the Kratom Buddha lifestyle. Stress is hard to avoid,  work, family, etc…  However, if you can mitigate the stressors in the facets of your life that you have control over, then you can get closer to being at peace.  We advocate for Kratom usage that helps your life, fighting opiate addiction, sleeping better, cognitive boost at work and fighting pain. If you need Kratom for some aspect of your life and you run out, this causes an inherent stress (even just knowing youre supply is getting low). This is definitely an aspect of your life that you can control and thus you should, there’s a better way…

Future You

Think about ‘tomorrow you’.  Save yourself the hassle and stress of having to run out and go hunting for Kratom. ‘Future You’ is not going to want to go through inevitable hassle of heading to the nearest smoke shop to your location, which may or may not even have a current supply.  Head shop Kratom costs considerably more, so typically you’ll buy in a small quantity and thus ensuring you’ll be dealing with the same stress of returning in a short time to get more. Kratom is legal in the US and you should enjoy that luxury. Order a sample pack from one of the recommended online vendors, find which strains give you what your looking for. Then take care of ‘tomorrow you’ by ordering a reasonable quantity of the strains that you enjoy.  Avoid head shops, stay Zen my friends.

What’s been your experience buying kratom from the nearest head shop?