Kratom Vietnam has been selling Kratom since 2017.  So they are a fairly new entrant to the Kratom market.  We chose to review this vendor because they’re one of the few vendors in the asian market. Unfortunately Asia is lacking in vendors and so Kratom Vietnam is helping to provide Kratom to the Vietnamese market specifically.

Lets see how this new entrant stacks up:

Product Quality (4/5)

Kratom quality differs a lot between vendors, so product quality is one of the more important factors to consider when picking a vendor. Kratom Vietnam’s kratom powder is fairly well refined with a nice texture.  The powder was consistent across both varieties that we sampled.  The smell of the powder was also quite nice, having the distinctive earthy Kratom aroma.   The packaging was a little lacking and is not as professional as you would expect from a larger vendor. Which gives us a little concern over how well the product is stored and distributed.

Customer Service (4/5)

Customer service from Kratom Vietnam was mostly good.  Kratom customers are usually unfamiliar with Kratom, and so customer service is very important in this market.  Customers need to be well informed about dosage, potential for abuse and managing expectations of the effects of Kratom. For every vendor we review, was ask a series of questions to ensure that information being disseminated by vendors is honest and responsible.  We received proper answers to our questions and felt most of the data was as accurate as can be expected. Support is available via Facebook, which is a little disconcerting for those who wish to purchase anonymously. There are some customers who would prefer to keep their identity secret and unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t allow for this.

Website (2/5)

Unfortunately, Kratom Vietnam still doesn’t have a viable website, which is a bit unnerving, as finding good information about Kratom from them is not easy. They do however have a Facebook presence, which is their primary place of doing business.  We feel it’s important that vendors provide a place that customers can get good information about Kratom.  There isn’t enough information about Kratom in many languages besides English, and customers should really understand what they’re taking and how to take it safely.

Product Price (4/5)

Kratom Vietnam has fair prices for what they offer.  They’re by no means a premium vendor, however if you’re looking for a low price, local vendor, they will satisfy your needs.  They’re payment methods are a bit lacking as well, they don’t appear to support credit cards, or crypto currencies, which would make transactions for some people a lot easier and anonymous for some.

Community Support (2/5)

We haven’t seen much outreach by Kratom Vietnam to improve the Kratom community.  We would like to see vendors who are spreading useful information about Kratom and helping to fight back against governments who are attempting to ban it based on terrible science.  Also, Kratom Vietnam is in a unique position to create a place in Vietnamese that helps to inform local people about the benefits of Kratom, but so far it has not.

Conclusion (64% D)

Kratom Vietnam is a reasonable vendor.  They don’t appear to be aiming to be a premium level vendor, they’re simply selling a fair product at a fair price.  There are no bells and whistles, with average packaging, with no extras and some level of customer support.   If I were new to Kratom, I would look elsewhere to find a vendor that has better information and support, so I can be sure I’m dosing Kratom properly.  Though for experienced Kratom users this vendor might be adequate, depending on how good the quality of their Kratom is.