Often people interested in Kratom want to know how it compares to the effects of Weed.  It’s a logical comparison as they have many similar attributes.

I think people often buy Kratom looking to get a ‘high’ similar to that of weed and are generally left disappointed.  Kratom isn’t the kind of drug you take to get ‘fucked up’ with your friends. If that’s your goal, then it won’t satisfy you.  However if you’re looking for something that is a bit more mild (but still quite effective), that offers a euphoric experience, coupled with pain relief and anxiolytic effects then Kratom is a great herb to try.

Weed Versus Kratom Breakdown

Cognitive effects

Weed typically makes people slower mentaly, Kratom doesn’t have this effect.

Winner: Kratom

Pain Relief

Kratom reliefs pain for long durations of time, up to 6 hours. It’s very effective.
Weed has anti-inflammatory effects, but the durations is short, 2-3 hours.

Winner: Kratom


Kratom is legal (Kind of) and thus the sources of it are typically well known and much more reliable.
Weed is highly illegal and it’s sources are rarely known and typically has unwanted/unknown additives.

Winner: Kratom

Anxiety Reduction

Kratom is an excellent anxiolytic. This also helps enhance focus and motivation.
Weed can sometimes reduce anxiety, but it often increases paranoia and has the opposite effect.

Winner: Kratom


Kratom in low doses has a stimulating effect. Combined with caffeine and L-Theanine, it’s a powerful motivator.

Weed is typically motivation lowering, as it causes most people to feel sedated.

Winner: Kratom

Addiction and Withdrawal

Weed has little physical dependency and 0 physical withdrawal symptoms. Though it can be psychologically addicting.

Kratom acts similar to Opioids and thus has some physical dependency issues. There is a definite tolerance buildup, so users need to rotate their strains and also take periodic breaks to reduce their tolerance.
There is also physical withdrawal symptoms that will occur if heavy users suddenly abstain completely. Though these symptoms are mild compared to other popular opioids, they are still something to consider and not to be taken lightly.  Kratom users need to understand the effect of tolerance and be willing to abstain from use to keep their peak usage levels at reasonable quantities.  Kratom abuse is a real thing, and users need to be smart about their usage.  Though it’s effects are not as intense as weed, it can be addictive, so care must be taken similar to any other pain killing medications.

Winner: Weed

Ingestion Methods

Kratom tastes terrible, most people take it via “Toss and Wash”, but it’s not pleasant.

Smoking weed or eating it in baked goods is considerably more pleasant.

Winner: Weed

Drug Testing:

Almost all drug tests will test for Marijuana. It also stays in your fat cells so even if it’s been many weeks, you can still test positive.

Kratom is mostly unknown and rarely found on any drug tests. It’s also legal in most Countries so it’s not something that is tested for.

Winner: Kratom

Potential for Work

Kratom is motivating in small doses, so it can be a good replacement for caffeine, when trying to take a break from coffee. Some users rotate their use each day to help fight tolerance of both caffeine and kratom. Weed is typically not good for work, as it makes users too slow mentally for most jobs. Stoners are typically a bit more careless and accident prone in the workplace and depending on your job, it may or may not matter about your cognitive abilities.

Winner: Kratom

Recreational Use for Parties

Weed is a great social drug. Joints can be shared, and people quite enjoy the conversations that are produced from the enhanced state of weed smoking. Kratom tea is not very palatable, so only those accustomed to it will find it tolerable to drink. Tea can be shared among a group of people, but the effects may not be as pronounced as party goers would prefer. However, if you’re having a more mild party atmosphere, Kratom could be a great addition.
Winner: Weed


You can smoke an almost endless amount of weed and there is very little acute negative effects of smoking too much. There isn’t a hangover like alchohol, and there isn’t much risk of getting physically sick. You can get considerably more ‘high’ from weed due to the almost unlimited dosing abilities of weed. Kratom is much more subtle than weed, it relieves pain, creates a mild euphoria, mildly sedates and in small doses gives a motivational energy boost.
Winner: Weed


If you’re looking for an intense ‘high’ or a party drug to accompany binge drinking, then you will find Marijuana much to your liking. It’s effects are strong and it’s been used as a social drug all over the world for centuries.

If you’re wanting something a bit more mild to alter your mood, relief your pain, help you sleep, and give you a euphoric feeling, then Kratom will make you very happy.  It’s great for work, relaxing at home and conversations with friends.


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What have been your experiences?