If you haven’t heard of Kratom before, let me give you a quick understanding. It’s a drug that has lots of potential uses, mostly in the realm of pain management, anti-anxiety purposes, and increased euphoric energy. It behaves similar to an opioid and thus proves as a great as a crutch to kick opioid addictions, like heroin and OxyContin.

So how does Kratom work in the bedroom? Is it a sex enhancer or a performance crusher.

Kratom is a 2 edged sword. Let’s explore…

To begin with, Kratom comes in many varieties, each with their own respective strengths and weakness. So your sexual experience with Kratom is going to be highly dependent on the strain you’re consuming.

So what are some of the purported effects?:

Enhanced Longevity (guys)

This is the most commonly mentioned effect and seems to be pretty consistent across the board. Guys report being able to sustain considerably longer before ‘heading to the finish’. Rock your little lady’s world for over an hour kind of magic. However, due to it’s analgesic properties which gives the longevity, you run the risk of getting too desensitized. If that happens, the whole show is over and everyone is going home. So it’s clear that moderation is the key here.

Performance Anxiety Reduction (guys and girls)

Another fantastic property of Kratom is its anxiolytic properties. This is another aspect of sensual relations that guys have to deal with is the fear of failure. The larger causes of ED is performance anxiety. If you’re nervous, then you might not perform well, and then you get nervous about getting nervous and then suddenly, you’re all uptight and that’s the end of it. Nobody wins with ED…
Fortunately, Kratom’s anxiolytic properties can help you feel a little bit more chill, and you won’t have to sweat performance anxiety ever again.

Increased Libido (girls and guys)

Libido is a friend that sometimes disappears and you don’t even notice they’re gone until somebody starts looking for them.
One of your Libido’s biggest adversaries is stress. For some reason, your libido feels your stress even more than you do and when you start to get wound up, your libido runs for shelter. Kratom has awesome anti-anxiety skills which are fantastic for reducing your overall stress levels. So if you take Kratom combined with a little exercise can go a long way to keeping your libido healthy and strong.

Super Hard Erections (guys 😉

This is one area of Kratom that seems to have little consensus. Mountains of anecdotal evidence show people having stronger, sometimes almost painfully strong erections as well as many complaining that it makes them flaccid. This can probably be explained by the dual effect of Kratom both having vaso-constricting and vasodilating properties. Depending on the dose and the strain, you may be getting more of one than the other. This is one of those things where you’re just going to have to experiment to find which dose and strain give you the most kick.


So is Kratom a super sex drug? Kinda. Everyone seems to have differing experiences and due to the huge variety of strains and no standard dosing, it’s hard to guage how effective it is. However, there is certainly no doubt that it can have an effect on your sex life, either good or bad. The key here is moderation and experimentation, try differing doses and different strains to find what gets your mojo moving. Good luck and Kratom on.