Wondering if Herbal Salvation Kratom warrants all the hype?

One of the more popular vendors in the Kratom community is Herbal Salvation Kratom. They’re one of the most sought after vendors for getting Kratom.

Customer Service (5/5)

The service at Herbal Salvation is constantly touted by the Kratom Reddit community as being top notch. There isn’t a Kratom Yelp site yet, so anecdotal experiences is what we can base our conclusions from.  When there have been mentions of mistakes made with orders, they have been quickly rectified to the satisfaction of the customer.

Website (2/5)

It’s hard to imagine a popular online vendor having such a user-unfriendly website. I couldn’t find anything I was looking for from their home page, nor their search bar. I had to use google to find the specific strains I was looking for on their site, as their on site search was completely useless. Their hands are a bit tied as they need to be careful to not promote the internal use of the product nor mention the word ‘Kratom’ anywhere on the site and sell it simply as a botanical. However, the site in it’s current state is frustrating to use, and lacks a lot of important useful information. Their FAQ is quite good.

Product Price (3/5)

This is the biggest compliant that most people have about Herbal Salvation Kratom. It’s simply more expensive than other vendors. It should be noted that they have mentioned in forums (nothing I could find on their site) that 10% of profits are donated to the AKA (American Kratom Association),  which is helping the fight to keep Kratom legal in the United States.

Product Quality (4/5)

The Kratom community at Reddit is a big supporter of Herbal Salvation, consensus seems to be that people feel they’re getting a high quality product. However, without proper testing and Certificate of Analysis, it’s hard to make any determinations about the Kratom being sold. Their website has a small mention of the Mitragynine concentrations in each strain, but no information about where these numbers are derived. This is a still budding marketplace and vendors are small and underfunded which is why testing isn’t as prevalent as it is in other commodities like nootropics.

Community Support (5/5)

It seems to be general knowledge that Herbal Salvation donates part of its profits to organizations that help support legality of Kratom in the United States.  They also have a fairly active Reddit account, offering advice and information in the forums to keep the community abreast of the latest happenings in the Kratom world.

Conclusion  – Total Score 76% C

Well geez, that seems pretty rough, they’re considered one of the top vendors. This is a growing community and there is a lot of room for improvement for all the vendors. Don’t get me wrong, I think Herbal Salvations is a great vendor and a great addition to the Kratom community, however there is still a lot of room for improvement and I have no doubt they’ll eventually make those changes.