Happy Hippo Kratom

Happy Hippo is one of the most popular online Kratom sellers, as several in the Kratom community treat them as their go-to vendor for good-quality Kratom.

They toot their own horn by saying that it only “sells the freshest, cleanest and highest-quality plain leaf Kratom… (that) you can find on Planet Earth.” It then describes its Kratom-sourcing process as a sommelier would with fine wine. Top quality, however, does not equate to top dollar, as Happy Hippo claims to offer competitive rates. We dug up online Kratom communities, like Reddit’s r/kratom, to study the hype and here’s what people have to say:

Product Quality (4.5/5)

The vast majority agrees that Happy Hippo sells high-grade Kratom. When comparing their products to other top vendors, various users said Happy Hippo’s Kratom is stronger and better. Among a good selection of strains, the Red Hot Hippo appears to be a fan favorite for potency. But, we ask: by how much is Happy Hippo’s Kratom stronger and better compared to other vendors’? This is where we strip off half of this vendor’s five stars. It appears that it is just slightly better when placed side-by- side with the products of other top Kratom vendors online.

Customer Service (5/5)

Happy Hippo’s shipping seems to be the Kratom world’s Amazon Prime. Although it reserves different delivery times, there are a few reports of cross-country orders coming in in as fast as two days. Similar to other Kratom online vendors, Happy Hippo processes credit card sales offshore/outside the U.S., and so, its customers occasionally encounter transaction approval issues. However, Happy Hippo is quick to respond to these hiccups.

Website (5/5)

Happy Hippo’s pink and cartoony website may take away from the company’s seriousness in bringing its clients top-grade quality Kratom, but it sure makes ordering Kratom online as easy as ABC! Truly user- friendly, the website neatly categorizes Kratom strains from beginner to advanced levels. The mobile version of the website is just as easy to use. Just browse, add to cart and check out!

Product Price (3/5)

Despite its claims, Happy Hippo isn’t making everyone happy with its prices. The consensus among r/kratom Redditors is that, Happy Hippo’s Kratom is minimally better but excessively priced. Some users who tried Happy Hippo and other top vendors (e.g., Fresh-Kratom) said that one can actually experience the same effects of Happy Hippo’s Kratom by using other top-shelf Kratom brands but adding more product. Adding more product would not be an issue, considering that one would get more than twice the amount of Kratom from other top vendors for the same price that one would shell out on Happy Hippo.

So, it seems like what you’re getting with Happy Hippo is a small quantity of the really good stuff. So, Happy Hippo may be worth its price if you are a Kratom connoisseur or if you want to treat yo’ self, but not if you are still testing Kratom out.

Community Support Conclusion

Being a crowd favorite for quality and service reliability, Happy Hippo is much talked about on Reddit and reviewed on (and discussed in the comments section of) YouTube. Thus, the online Kratom community are quick to respond to questions relating to experiences with Happy Hippo. Happy Hippo also supports the community, as it claims to have donated over $25,000 to the American Kratom Association, which advocates the continued legality of Kratom in the U.S.

Overall Score 90% A-

The only downside of Happy Hippo is its astronomical pricing, but even then, quite a few Kratom community members online claim that you are getting bang for buck. It may not be the best bet for those who are still starting out with their exploration of Kratom, but it is a mecca for advanced Kratom enthusiasts. Overall, Happy Hippo is the real deal, but it sure does not help us from hoping that Happy Hippo transitions from being the real deal to a better deal, when new players enter the Kratom-selling business.