What is Blue Lotus?

You may know Nymphaea Caerulea by it’s more popular name, Blue Lotus.  It’s an asian flower that is touted to have many general healthy properties including anti-depression, anti-diabetic.  It’s is sometimes, confused with Nelumbo Nucifera (Sacred Lotus), which is a related flower and the two share many similar properties. It’s psychoactive  properties have been known about for many civilizations, there’s evidence both the ancient Egyptians and Mayans used the flower medicinally.  

The two alkaloids that are sought after in Blue Lotus Flowers are aporphine (anxiolytic) and nuciferine (anti-spasmodic).  It’s used as a sleep aid, anti-anxiety remedy, antidepressant,  stress reliever, and also as a treatment for gastrointestinal issues. More recently it’s been combined with Kratom to produce a more euphoric experience for the user. Anecdotally the two compounds seem to be synergistic in nature.

In 2009, amid a wave of crackdowns on recreational plants in Eastern Europe occurred, leading Latvia, Russia and Poland to ban the flower and criminalize it’s use.

Methods of Ingestion

The most popular method to ingest Blue Lotus is simply to make a tea out of it. allowing it to boil for 30 minutes.  Blue Lotus Tea is quite a pleasant night time drink and very palatable. It can be smoked as well, both the petals and the bulbs contain the psychoactive compounds, though the concentrations are quite different. More recently a popular method is to let the product soak in wine and let the alcohol extract the alkaloids and then drink the wine. There are various ideas on what the ideal method on the alcohol extraction method.  Some say, let it sit for 6 weeks, while many others feel 30 minutes is enough.

Blue Lotus and Kratom

There has been little to no formal published research on the two compounds being used together. Currently the best evidence is compile anecdotal experiences from various forums where users share their experiences.  There seems to be consensus that the two compounds are synergistic in nature and complement each other nicely. If you’re new to either of the compounds, you should dose lightly and experiment to find a good dose that provides the desired effect without being too pronounced.

Blue Lotus Flower for Sale

Where to buy blue lotus flower? It can be found at many botanicals online, though if you’re based in Louisiana or any of the above mentioned countries, you may be out of luck.